Dr Neil Isaacs

Dr Neil Isaacs has an interest in Sports Medicine and is currently completing his Masters in Sports Medicine at the University of Pretoria. He founded the Ballito Medical Centre and has been working in Ballito since 1997. The Travel Clinic and Centre for Diabetes is run by him. He also does Aviation Medicals. He has completed the Advanced Trauma, Pediatric and Cardiac Life Support Provider courses and has an interest in all aspects of general practice, especially Pediatrics, Diabetes and Sports Medicine.

Dr Isaacs completed his medical degree at Wits in 1988. Performed his internship at Grey’s/Northdale Hospitals in 1989 and remained there to do Orthopedics/General Surgery and Plastic Surgery the following year in 1990. as a medical officer in Surgery he quickly obtained practical skills due to the conflict between Inkatha and the ANC during that period involving trauma.

He travelled to the United Kingdom and completed six months in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Buchannon Hospital in Hastings. After locums in Orthopaedics medicine and ENT he travelled to Canada and worked in Cabri, Saskwatchewan for over two tears as the only doctor in town and ran the pharmacy and clinic. He was the only doctor treating patients in the small hospital with an ICU, in-patients facility, laboratory and old age home. He often transported patients in the ambulance to the nearest centre.

With the birth of his first child, he moved to Regina, the capital province and worked in a tertiary emergency room as well as the Dr Paul Schwann Centre in Sports Medicine and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

He obtained certification with time spent with cardiologists in order to do the exercise stress tests on patients in the cardiac rehabilitation program. He completed the LMCC – the final year medical examination in Canada for certification.

In 1996, he returned to the United Kingdom to do paediatrics at the Leighton Hospital in Crewe, including two months in neonatal ICU.

In 1997, he returned to South Africa and began practice in Ballito as a general practioner.